1. Solution for Cooling and Heating

Everyone knows about air conditioning and how it works to cool your home on hot summer days. But what many people don’t know is your air conditioning also works for heating. Becoming ever more popular ,the air conditioning heating / air source heat-pump is ideal for space heating areas where existing water systems are in place such as radiators. They work in the same principle as air conditioning and refrigeration but generally the air source heat-pump is used for air to water heat transfer where air conditioning is air to air transfer. If air conditioning heating / air source heat pumps replaced 10% of the gas boilers sold each year in existing properties, the potential annual saving would increase to over 2 million tonnes of CO2. By transforming the energy found naturally in outdoor air and using that to help provide cost effective heating, we’ve already established the efficiency of air conditioning heating systems and the fact that it ‘upgrades’ energy.

2. General Benefits

No More Fatigue

We have all experienced the feeling of fatigue and tiredness during the hot weather as your body works harder to combat high temperatures to keep you cool. This causes irritability and can lead to uncomfortable sleeping patterns. With an air conditioned house your family will sleep easy and wake up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. When the body is exposed to high temperatures it becomes stressed and can reduce the immune system’s ability to fight off harmful viruses, bacteria and germs.

Stale Odours Gone!

Cooking odours tend to linger when the air is not being moved around and stale air releases toxins that stagnate. Air conditioning does a brilliant job of removing odours and cooking smells from your home leaving you with quality air and making your home fresh and odourless.

Safety and Security

It is not always a good idea to keep windows and doors open at night to take advantage of the cool air. With air conditioning in your home there’s no need to leave doors and windows open to stay cool during the night. If you family home is located on more than one level you can feel confident your family sleeping at ground level are safe and secure. You can also cut down on any external noise and those pesky insects that are so prevalent at night and can bite and keep you awake.

Sleep Easy

We’ve all been through restless hot nights when sleep doesn’t come. We find ourselves tossing and turning in a hot sweat throughout the night with only snatches of sleep. When morning comes all we want to do is go to sleep. Most of us need a good eight hours every night to rest and rejuvenate our bodies so we can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next day. Sleep deprivation can cause lethargy, lack of focus and concentration and in some cases can lead to depression. Our immune systems are unable to operate without regular sleep and we can become seriously affected. With an air conditioning system in place you experience good sleeping patterns, the humidity is reduced and you sleep easy in your desired temperature.

3. Even More Benefits

Protect property

Protect property

Air conditioning can help you look after your electronics and furniture. Stop your electrical technology from overheating and getting damaged with an effective air conditioning installation – whether you’ve got a home desktop, an office full of computers or an extensive server room, we can find the right climate control solution for you. Air conditioning can also help you protect your furniture. Wooden furniture kept in rooms with untreated air can develop problems like warp, rot and mould growth. Use climate control to lower your room temperature and remove humidity from the air.

Energy efficiency


Heating and air con systems are efficient. This is mainly because they don’t use ducts to push air around your property. Ducts lose heat on cold days and get warm on hot days, whereas split or multi-split systems use refrigerant pipes and pressure to heat or cool, making it more efficient.

Keeping healthy


Your body can experience undue stress when exposed to very warm temperatures and stress inhibits your body’s immune system to protect you as it fails to fight off harmful viruses and germs. When you have a good air conditioning system in place and operating at optimum efficiency, you have a better chance of keeping the air clear of dust and other irritants that could be harmful to your family’s health. Air conditioning units filter the air making it cleaner and much easier to breathe, reducing stress levels and improving your health, particularly if you have respiratory problems.