Regular cleaning and maintenance of your system are very important in terms of cooling and heating performance, indoor comfort, and efficient operation. We believe regular maintenance is a worthwhile investment in an optimal user environment and thus in user health as well as long-term cost savings. We advise the customers to have the maintenance service every six months and provide guidance after installation.


When your air conditioning system develops a fault, its impact can range from discomfort and stress to business disruption. Accurate identification of issues and repair requires extensive experience and skills. We offer a fast response and resolution of air conditioning problems. With every piece of equipment you buy for your home or business, we want it to last and operate as it should.

Air Cool Tech Service

We offer air conditioning system design, installation, repair and maintenance services
for a wide range of brands for both domestic and commercial properties.



Refrigerants are essential working fluids in air conditioning systems. When old units need to be removed, or relocated, safe refrigerant removal is a vital process to complete the removal with a minimal environmental impact. This should only be carried out by certified engineers. Our REFCOM F-GAS certified technicians provide secure and hassle-free refrigerant removal from your system. We provide a detailed report after the removal.


For some unique spaces, maintaining the appropriate temperature is essential. We can install units with integrated alarms/water sensors, which can notify by text or email to ensure an overheating failure never threatens the spaces. We also have experiences in installing backup systems. When a fault is detected, these automatically take over from the central unit, giving you peace of mind for your server’s safety and operation.